I came across posts on various social media platforms stating that Kings Contrivance Liquor and Smoke Shop was closed and that there was a sign stating a problem with their license.

There was a lot of speculation online as to why they did not have a current license and were now closed.

I reached out to the Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board to see what information I could get for this article. Here is what I received via email to my question about the license status:

They had an issue with their resident agent not complying with the 2-year residence requirement so their license could not be renewed. However, they are coming in for a new hearing on May 14 with a new resident agent. Their new license, if approved, may be reissued as soon as 5/15.

Robin Regner
Board Administrator

So this did not have anything to do with Underage Drinking Sales Testing as has been speculated…at least that is not the reason given to me when I reached out.

There is a meeting of the Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board on May 14th at 6:30pm. One of the items on the agenda is:

NEW Class A-1 (Package Goods Store)

FOR: Columbia Liquor, LLC t/a Kings Contrivance Liquor & Smoke Shop in the names of Alka Jain and Bharat N. Patel for a 3,600 square foot package goods store located at 8630 Guilford Road, Suite C, Columbia, Maryland 21046.

I expect that this will probably be resolved quickly…just thought it was good to have this information out to the community for those interested.

Scott E