HCPSS Superintendent Martirano presented a document at the Howard County Board of Education meeting on May 8th that outlined some potential cuts and cost savings needed to make up the expected funding shortfall in 2020. A recommendation in the memo was:

Board members, my recommendation continues to be that while we take the time to understand the impact of these potential savings, we must continue to advocate on behalf of our school system and our needs. I hope this document serves as a starting point for Board members to consider your own proposals for savings as we prepare to meet with the County Council.

Here is that document (CLICK HERE). Be sure to check out the entire document.

If you get a little confused by the numbers on attachment 3 (Potential Saving List) as I did…I put the numbers in MS Excel and took a screenshot…I found this easier to understand (at least for me)…be sure to give both a look:


Howard County Board of Education member Chao wu posted the following blog post: “Cuts and Savings, HCPSS FY 2020 Budget Update” outlining items in the memo and discussions from the meeting. It is a good read…I recommend checking it out.

Howard County Board of Education member Vicky Cutroneo posted the following update on Facebook:

Article update: Howard County Board of Education member Jen Mallo also posted the following on Facebook:

I love that some HoCoBOE members are keeping us informed on what is happening as the topic of the HCPSS budget moves forward. I am one that greatly appreciates the updates.

Hopefully this information helps provide where things stand right now. Additional work sessions are planned with the Howard County Council this month.

Scott E