An act of vandalism caused Nottingham’s Tavern in Columbia to close for a couple of days (May 6 and May 7, 2019). Here is what Nottys posted on social media:

Due to a senseless act of vandalism by a customer, we will be closed Monday and Tuesday (May 6 and 7) . Watch our social media channels for an update about our status on Wednesday (May 8).

My “sources” within Nottingham’s tell me that a pipe was purposely broken in one of the bathrooms causing a decent amount of water damage. So they have to replace that pipe and fix the water damage before they can open back up to the public.

The establishment was closed yesterday and today. According to their message on social media they will have an update on Wednesday. Be sure to follow all of their social media feeds for updates:

Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Tonight was supposed to be Comedy Night at Nottingham’s…I am sure they will reschedule that event soon.

Scott E