Howard County Board of Education member and long time blogger in Howard County Dr. Chao Wu recently wrote an article addressing emails the HoCoBOE received talking about a 30 million dollar increase in HCPSS funding in 2020.

Dr. Wu outlines in his article HCPSS funding from Howard County Government from what was approved in 2019 and what is proposed in 2020. He also outlines some of the BIG numbers relating to balancing the budget.

You should give the article a read:

I am guessing the emails coming into the board are related to posts like these making the rounds on social media:

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I will note a few things:

  1. Dr. Ball did not give the HCPSS $30 million in new funding as noted in one of the posts above. That number is either $5 or $16 depending on how you look at the HCPSS budget.
  2. There is $30 million in new funding for HCPSS from all revenue sources (County, State and Other). I am working on a separate post with that detailed information.
  3. Increased class sizes is the big threat being made as it relates to the HCPSS budget this year…and that has a lot of people spun up locally. I would bet this will be an on-going theme in future work sessions as it relates to the budget on the HoCoBOE and County Council. NO ONE wants to increase class sizes but it is one heck of a bargaining chip during these discussions.
  4. Online posts around this budget is getting combative. You can see it in the comments and post on local pages and local groups. I hope folks take a step back…ask questions…but try and not be as combative with each other (this includes me…behave Scott E).

I will have some additional details coming in a post soon…plus maybe even a recommendation or two that may help as we have these discussions.

Stay tuned!!!

Scott E