Danny Mackey sent a letter to the Howard County Board of Education…posted that letter on social media…and asked that the letter be shared. So I am sharing. Here is the text of the letter he sent over:

Chair Ellis and Members of the Howard County Board of Education,

Two years ago around this time I was in front of the Board of Education demanding that they honor negotiated agreements with the Howard County Education Association. I argued then that it is unjust to hold educator salaries hostage, that educators have enough on their plate and should not have to worry that their elected officials will not honor their agreements.

Now, I write you to ensure you honor something even more important to our educators than their salary: their positions themselves and the negative student, systemic, and personal outcomes that will come from recent discussions surrounding surplussing educators and increasing class sizes. I said then, “shrink the Central Office before you shrink our teachers’ paychecks.” I implore you now: shrink the Central Office before you shrink our teaching staff. Increase the burden on our administrators before you increase the burden on our educators.

It is consistently agreed upon in our community that the people of Howard County value smaller class size, the benefit of which is supported by research. Considering the campaign positions of each member of the Board of Education elected since 2016 I believe it is fair to say that the people of Howard County also value a smaller, more effective, and less burdensome Central Office bureaucracy.

I heard recently from a dedicated, impressive, top-notch first year teacher who is petrified of losing her job due to Howard County’s inability to fund teaching positions. The great personal toll mass surpluses will have on educators who have invested in our community is just one piece of the puzzle. We already lose talented individuals to surrounding jurisdictions due to delayed hiring practices. How many more will forgo employment with our school system with the knowledge that their position may be felled just as their career is beginning to take root?

As stated in a previous letter, the budgetary process gives each of you the opportunity to make difficult decisions, show real courage in priority setting, and set our school system up for an equitable year to come. The heart of the Howard County Public School System is in its name: ‘schools.’ Begin your dialogue on budget cuts in the Central Office, particularly at midlevel administration and rapidly-growing executive offices. Prioritize classroom positions and student learning in the FY2020 budget.

Thank you.

In service,
Danny Mackey
Education Advocate
Graduate of Wilde Lake High School, 2012
Candidate for Howard County Board of Education, 2018

Here is an image of the letter he shared online:

Here is the PUBLIC post:

Danny Mackey ran for Howard County Board of Education in 2018. Might he give it another go in 2020 with the new way of electing members by district? I have no clue nor have I asked Danny and I am not trying to start any rumors…just something to think about. If he does run again…I am hoping for another appearance from the Election Day bears that he and Cutroneo used in 2018…I enjoyed seeing them at Long Reach High School:

As I stated in my last article…The school budget will be a hot topic issue for some time…and the class size increases or teacher reductions will get some serious reactions online.

I expect some interesting budget sessions as it relates to the HPCSS budget…stay tuned.

Scott E