The race for Speaker between Economic Matters Chair Dereck E. Davis (D-Prince George’s) and Appropriations Chair Maggie L. McIntosh (D-Baltimore City) will come to a conclusion later today.

Scheduled for 10:00am: House Republican and Democratic caucuses are scheduled to meet and take caucus votes.

Scheduled for 12:00pm: Nominations take place on the floor of the House of Delegates. Not very exciting stuff…we already know which people will be nominated (McIntosh and Davis)…unless something changes this morning.

After the nominations are complete a roll call vote of the full chamber. Members will be called on one-by-one to name the candidate they’re voting for…this is where things get interesting.

A simple majority of 71 votes wins the speaker’s position.


Both McIntosh and Davis were reported confident as of last night:

I will be very interested to see how the Howard County Delegation votes today. Here are a few guesses:

(Information Updated): Terrasa, Ebersole and Feldmark vote with McIntosh (based on information I have seen on social media).

Miller and Kittleman will vote with the Republican block (that block is speculated to be voting for Davis).

As for the others (Watson, Hill, Atterbeary and Pendergrass)…I have not seen anything posted recently on what direction they are officially leaning at this time…so I do not have a good guess for you this morning.

Today will be an interesting day in Annapolis.

Scott E