The First Weekend Without Alliance of American Football

Screenshot of AAF website (

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) has finally updated their website with the information that was reported earlier in the week…the league has suspended operations and the season is over.

The statement of “Due to ongoing legal processes, we are unable to comment further or share details about the decision” is interesting…you can bet we will be hearing about the fallout from this decision for a while.

I feel like I have just finished a TV series that ended on a cliffhanger…no resolution and a horrible way to end it.

I truly hope that AAF chairman Tom Dundon (owner of the Carolina Hurricanes) does not get an opportunity to buy into other football franchises or leagues. He shut this league down and left all of us where we are today…with no football to watch this weekend. Thanks Tom.

Yeah, I  am a little bitter about the league shutting down.

One happy bit of news…some players from the AAF are already signing NFL contracts…the ones I know about are:

  • Damontre Moore, San Diego Fleet (DL): Signed with San Francisco
  • Keith Reaser, Orlando Apollos (CB): Signed with Kansas City Chiefs
  • Rashad Ross, Arizona Hotshots (WR): Signed with Carolina Panthers
  • Garrett Gilbert, Orlando Apollos (QB): Signed with Cleveland Browns
  • Derron Smith, San Antonio Commanders (Safety): Signed with Minnesota Vikings
  • Duke Thomas, San Antonio Commanders (CB): Signed with Minnesota Vikings

To me it looks like the Cleveland Browns got the best deal up to this point. Gilbert was by far the best QB in the AAF and will make a good backup to Baker Mayfield in Cleveland. The Browns are assembling a team that should be very competitive in the 2019 – 2020 season.

I hope many more players in the AAF get a shot (or another shot) at the NFL. There were many that showed they have the talent to play at that level if given the opportunity.

Scott E

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