New Multi-Way Traffic Stop at Gorman Road and Skylark Boulevard Intersection

Via press release:

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – A Howard County project to convert the intersection of Gorman Road and Skylark Boulevard in Laurel to a multi-way traffic stop is scheduled to take place on or about Tuesday, April 30. 

The project will involve the addition of a stop sign on westbound Gorman Road and one on eastbound Skylark Boulevard at the intersection to create the new traffic pattern. Recent studies have shown that traffic volume continues to increase in the area, making the change necessary to improve safety for turning traffic at that intersection.

Signs will be posted in the area a week prior to the change to alert motorists of the reconfiguration.

For questions or concerns about the new traffic pattern, contact Lisa Brightwell, Public Works Customer Service, at 410-313-3440 or by e-mail to


Here is a map of that location: Click image to view Google Maps

Scott E

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  1. 4 way stop signs at busy intersections can be a nightmare
    Example Twin Rivers Rd and Broken Land Parkway in Downtown Columbia


  2. what are the competencies of County Government to continually monitor, maintain, manage and evaluate multi-modal transportation and facilities owned by Howard County Government? How are these competencies evidenced?

    For example — Take a look at the County’s multimillion dollar Centennial Lane bike lanes, sidewalk, lack of adherence to ADA requirements… Who is monitoring, maintaining managing overseeing, and evaluating this mess?


  3. Good job HC. People traveling south on Gorman have a very hard time turning left or right on Skylark. I live in the immediate area and this is a good move . People will just have to take their time and leave a little early for work or school.


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