Larry Pretlow II Issues Statement About Blog Post On Village Green/Town²

Local Howard County Blogger Julia McCready recently wrote a blog post on Village Green/Town² where she highlights some tweets and statements of Larry Pretlow II and at the end of the post she recommends “DO NOT vote to return Mr. Pretlow to the Board. His continued presence is a toxic force to contend with, not a help and support to his neighbors”. I suggest reading the blog post to get all of the information if that is something you are interested in reading.

Larry Pretlow II is up for reelection to the Oakland Mills Community Association Board. There are eight (8) candidates running for the seven (7) seats on Oakland Mills Community Association 2019-2020 Board of Directors.

Today Larry Pretlow II issued the following statement in response to the blog post:


For Immediate Release

I am sharing this statement with the OMCA Board because it saddens me that one of my trusted colleagues is engaging with Julia A. McCready to work to ensure that I am not re-elected to the OMCA Board. I do not appreciate that anyone would ever imply that I am using the OMCA Board as a pathway to Council Council. We have a Councilmember showing up in photo-Ops and a County Executive that continues to underserve Oakland Mills. I care about where I live, most importantly I care about Oakland Mills. Even my bio on my site has the disclaimer that we all voted on. If anyone has any questions please let me know and I will gladly answer them. I’m more than a renter, I’m a resident of Oakland Mills and I’m an American citizen with a voice. It’s shameful that having your own mind, opinions, and values is criminal. I’m an honest guy and I don’t pretend to be anyone or anything that I’m not.

It has been brought to my attention that former OMCA Board Member Julia A. McCready recently made a post on her blog in regards to statements that I’ve made on Twitter; my plans to run for County Council; my current run for re-election for the OMCA Board.

This morning we sent an email asking Julia A. McCready to remove her libel post “Spurred to Action”. She has engaged in the misrepresentation of my statements.

It is very sad that she highlighted selected statements without also including the full context of the discussions and the related details.

Anytime a person on the public stage takes full accountability for their actions it should never be misrepresented in this way by their opponents or anyone who disagrees with their statements.

Julia A. McCready’s intention is to have me NOT re-elected to the OMCA Board and sadly I question if one of my current board colleagues is behind this. I AM WHO I AM and I WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THAT!

I stand up for myself and I stand up even taller for OTHERS! I am honored that Julia A. McCready has enough time on her hands to track my every tweet, my every step and to write about me! 



I have not seen a response online from Julia McCready as of this post and the blog post remains online. If I were betting on this issue I would bet that the blog post is not removed.

Here is the election calendar for the Oakland Mills Community Association Board:

April 1st – April 20th: Oakland Mills Covenant Advisor will inspect each Board candidate’s property and issue either a Letter of Covenant Compliance or a Letter of Non-Compliance. (Refer to “By-Laws” and “Covenant Compliance Policy” in the Board Candidate Packet.)

Late March/Early April: Election Newsletter w/Ballot to be mailed to every OM property, single family, townhome, condo, and apartment. (Newsletter mailed for contested election only.)

Tues., April 2nd, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Election Forum (held only if either or both OMCA & CA Board race is contested). RESIDENTS CAN BRING QUESTIONS TO ASK OF THE CANDIDATES.

Fri., April 26th: Deadline for receiving mail-in ballots (if election is contested). No business reply mail is delivered on Saturday.

Sat., April 27th, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.: Voting at The Other Barn (if election is contested).
5:00 p.m.: Vote counting at The Other Barn begins.

May 1st, 2019: 2019-2020 Board and CCR term begins.

Not sure if that blog post or this response by Larry Pretlow II will make a difference in that election…but you never know. The results of that election are now on my radar.

Scott E

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