Larry Pretlow Files To Run For Howard County Board Of Education In District 2 In 2020

Screenshot of tweet from Larry Pretlow

We have our first official candidate for Howard County Board of Education (HoCoBOE) in 2020: Larry Pretlow. He posted the following information on Facebook and Twitter:

I’m officially running for Board of Education to represent District 2 #HoCoMD #HoCoBOE – at Howard County Board Of Elections

Here is the tweet: checked the SBOE website and they have not updated their candidate list since 4/29/19 at 3:02pm…so I expect this to show up later today or tomorrow.

Larry Pretlow ran for Delegate in District 13 in 2018 losing in the primary and was recently elected to serve again on the Oakland Mills Community Association Board of Directors.

I look forward to seeing Larry’s website for this election to learn more about where he stands on the important issues facing the HoCoBOE.

Who will be the next candidate to jump into this race? I am waiting to see. If you are running…be sure to reach out and let me know so I can announce it when it happens.

Scott E

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