Howard County Estimated Population Grows 12.6% since 2010

Some interesting data from the U.S. Census Bureau…population in Howard County is estimated to have grown by 12.6% since 2010. This is the largest percentage growth of the surrounding counties here in Maryland:

Some interesting stuff about this information:

  • 12.6% growth for Howard County is by far the largest of the other surrounding counties.
  • Montgomery County is estimated to have the 2nd largest growth with 8.3%
  • I was shocked at the Carroll County estimated numbers…growing in population by less than 1%. I expected that number to be higher to be honest.

Want to see all of the data: CLICK HERE. There is some other very interesting data on the U.S. Census Bureau site.

Development, traffic, school overcrowding and generally the rate at which Howard County is growing is a hot topic by many in our community. What do these numbers say to you?

Scott E

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