Howard County Council Passes Bill To Recover Charges For Emergency Medical Services

I wrote about Howard County Council Bill (CB 9-2019) back in February and at the council meeting last night this legislation was approved by a vote of 5 to 0.

This bill has little impact on residents of Howard County (and no direct financial impact) and provides a new revenue stream for the county…so it was no surprise at all that this bill passed.

I will be very interested in seeing what the “Rate” schedule looks like (the County Council is responsible for creating it) if for no other reason to see what the county will charge insurance companies for services.

I did find it interesting that this legislation did not get the attention on social media that other legislation passed last night did either before or after the meeting:

I not sure what that means…if anything…just an interesting note on this topic.

More articles coming soon on other legislation passed by the Howard County Council on April 1st…stay tuned.

Scott E

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