Howard County Council Member Christiana Rigby Comments About CB11-2019 Veto

Earlier today I published “County Executive Ball Vetoes Council Bill CB11 – Bill To Alter Scenic Road Buffers” and noted in that article that “Hopefully we get more statements in the near future”…Christiana Rigby posted comments on Twitter a little after noon today. Here is the text of those comments:

Tweet 1: “Throughout this process, I have worked with my colleagues on the County Council and community advocates to address some of the issues and feedback on CB11-2019.”

Tweet 2: “Both this bill & its subsequent amendments fell within the normal legislative process, relying on collaboration from Councilmembers, community advocates, & stakeholders. This bill represents a significant step fwd in protecting #HoCo scenic roads, which remains a priority for me.”

Tweet 3: “While I am disappointed with County Executive Ball’s veto on CB11-2019, I see this as an opportunity to refine the details and reintroduce this legislation at a later date.”

Click the links above to see the actual tweets.

Tweet three answered a question from my previous article…what is next? Looks like this specific bill is done and that new legislation will be introduced in the future.

The Baltimore Sun wrote an article that had comments on the veto from Council Members Opel Jones, Deb Jung and David Yungmann noted in the article.

Still waiting to see any comment from Council Member Liz Walsh on this topic. I checked social media again this afternoon and I did not see anything as of publishing this post.

Scott E

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