Final Status of 2019 Howard County Delegation Bills In The General Assembly

Here is the final status of all legislation submitted by the Howard County Delegation in 2019:

Bills that have passed:

HB0590 – Howard County Board of Education – Election of Members Ho. Co. 01–19

Vote Totals: House (134-0) Senate (47-0)

HB0869 – Howard County – Alcoholic Beverages – Marketplace License Ho. Co. 06–19

Vote Totals: House (136-0) Senate (45-0)

HB1166 – Howard County – Authority to Impose Fees for Use of Disposable Bags Ho. Co. 04-19

Vote Totals: House (99-38) Senate (35-10)

HB1306 – Howard County – Howard County Housing Commission – Subsidiary Entities Ho. Co. 26-19

Vote Totals: House (131-1) Senate (46-0)

HB1409 – Howard County – School Facilities Surcharge – Rates Ho. Co. 03-19

Vote Totals: House (136-2) Senate (46-0)

HB1405 – Howard County – Transfer Tax – Collection by Director of Finance Ho. Co. 30-19

Vote Totals: House (138-0) Senate (45-0)

HB1406 – Howard County – Department of Correction – Authority to Establish Programs Ho. Co. 29-19

Vote Totals: House (138-0) Senate (45-0)

Bills that did not move forward:

HB0591 – Howard County Board of Education – School Year – Start and End Dates Ho. Co. 25-19

The statewide bill that passed made this bill not necessary.

If interested in the status of the 2019 Bond Initiatives Funding…here is the chart provided online:

There are some other bills of interest to Howard County. I am reviewing press releases and other information so stay tuned in case I get some free time to write those up.

Scott E

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