Cyberbullying at Folly Quarter Middle School in Howard County draws media attention

It is being reported on numerous news outlets that Police and school officials are investigating “an extremely serious sexually explicit cyberbullying incident” in a Howard County middle school (Folly Quarter Middle School in Ellicott City).

You can read about this incident on the following links:

There are others reporting this information as well…easy enough to Google it at this point.

If you are on social media you might have seen this information across a number of pages and channels. The community is upset with what has happened and the perception that very little was done to those responsible (at least that is what I have seen posted in a number of social media feeds).

Here is an official statement from the family that was shared publicly on Facebook:

The one thing I have not seen is much response from our elected officials about this incident. While I understand these are young children and playing this incident out in public is not appropriate…making statements condemning cyberbullying at any level would be nice…stating that they are aware and are investigating the incident would be nice…saying nothing makes it appear nothing is happening…that is not helpful for the community (my opinion).

I have seen at least one elected official share the media stories on their timeline. Otherwise I have not seen much else. I do not see everything…so maybe I have missed things stated by the school or our elected officials. If you know of public statements…let me know in the comments.

Scott E

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