In a Statement – Mayor Pugh intends to resume the duties of her office

In a statement released earlier today from Mayor Catherine Pugh:

“Mayor Pugh has taken a leave to focus on recovering from pneumonia and regaining her health. She fully intends to resume the duties of her office and continuing her work on behalf of the people and the City of Baltimore.”

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has been on a leave of absence since April 1st while in the midst of the “Healthy Holly” book controversy with hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments for the children’s books.

This morning it was widely reported that 14 Baltimore City Council members urged Mayor Pugh to resign amid the ongoing controversy.

Even HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has taken a shot at the Mayor:

While none of this happening in Baltimore is a laughing matter…that video was pretty darn funny. Be mindful of who you are around before playing this video…it is one that can be classified as not safe for work.

There is a growing list of people calling on Mayor Pugh to resign. Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings(Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party) has publicly stated that she stands with the Baltimore City Council members in their call for the Mayor to resign:

I am not sure who if left on the side of Mayor Pugh on this issue…but it looks like she plans (at least for the moment) to return to office when she has recovered from pneumonia. I can not image a scenario well that goes well for Mayor Pugh.

Scott E

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