Watch The Mayor Pugh Press Conference About The Healthy Holly Book Scandal

Thanks to WMAR-2 News Baltimore Facebook page…you can watch the entire Mayor Pugh press conference about the Healthy Holly book scandal:

WATCH LIVE: Mayor Pugh holds a press conference sharing details on the University of Maryland Medical System book deal controversy

A few notes about the press conference:

  • The audio can be difficult to hear at some points
  • About the 12:25 mark of the video through the 16:38 mark of the video…very much come across as a pitch for future products and I am not sure what the point of it was in this press conference…even folks making comments on Facebook felt that way.
  • No questions about the scandal were addressed…she stated “I have been advised I can not take questions”…so that means (to me) that this is far from over.

Article after article has been written on this topic from MANY sources…so I thought I would just share the video and a few comments.

I expect this issue to be around for a while…especially with journalist still in search of copies of the actual books and the shake up happening at the University of Maryland Medical System. It will not surprise me to see ongoing investigations and more fallout from this scandal for some time.

Scott E

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One comment

  1. Poor Baltimore. Only choice is to be governed by crooks or incompetents. Can’t believe I am saying this but where is Martin O’Malley.


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