The House voted 93-43 to join the Senate in overriding Hogan’s veto on Community Control of School Calendars Act

The House voted 93-43 to join the Senate (who voted 32 to 15 yesterday) in overriding Governor Larry Hogan’s veto on Community Control of School Calendars Act. This was in no way a surprise. The votes today from the Howard County Delegation went as expected…all Democrats voting for the override…all Republicans voting against the override.

Going forward Maryland school districts may start the school year before Labor Day, overturning a previous executive order by  Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. I have seen and heard enough comments that I fully expect the school year here in Howard County to shift back to before Labor Day.

If the school calendar is changed…the big question is…looking forward to the 2020 Howard County Board of Education election…will this be a MAJOR campaign item for new candidates?

Moving the starting date back to after Labor Day had pretty good support across the state and across parties lines (Sixty percent of Republicans and unaffiliated voters supported a state mandate to start school after Labor Day. Fifty-three percent of Democrats supported starting schools after Labor Day, while 43 percent said local school systems should decide when school begins) and could be an issue new candidates use in 2020 if the dates are changed by the local Board of Education. I would expect a few new candidates to make this part of their campaign pitch.

Time will tell.

Scott E

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One comment

  1. Another case in point, voters want schools to start after labor day and our legislators think differently.
    (Fortunately, the governor listens to the voters.)

    Our Howard Co. legislators SAY they listen to the voters.
    But, will do the opposite. And, then they blame it on someone else.

    I personally know and like some of our HoCo delegation.
    But, they suffer from the legislative disease –
    “Trust me. I know what is good for you and you don’t. ”

    Our MD legislators listen to the small, loud crowd rather than the majority of HoCo voters.
    And, they wonder why they get voted out of office.

    In 2020-2022, I’m positive the pendulum is going to swing back towards the middle.


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