Snowden River Parkway Lane Addition Project To Begin On Or About Monday, April 7

I do not write a lot about construction projects in the county…but this is one I can fully support and will be happy when it is completed. Here is the announcement:

ELLICOTT CITY, MD – A Howard County construction project to add a lane to westbound Snowden River Parkway in the  in Columbia is expected to begin on or about Monday, April 7. A third left-turn lane will be constructed on westbound Snowden River Parkway between Minstrel Way and Broken Land Parkway to decrease congestion at the intersection. The existing traffic signal will be modified accordingly. Weather permitting, the project is expected to be completed by late August.

“Improving transportation in our county is one of my top priorities,” said Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. “This project has been in the works for years and I am happy we are finally working to expand Snowden River Parkway. I believe decreasing congestion and helping commuters will benefit our entire community.”  

Signs and flagging operations will be in place to direct traffic as needed during construction hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., as lane shifts and temporary lane closures are expected. In addition to daytime construction work, there will also be approximately 10 nights of after-hours work expected to take place in the median. The night work will also result in temporary lane closures. Additionally, a recorded message at 410-313-4604 will carry project details and updates.

“I am glad to see the County move forward with this long-awaited project,” said Howard County Council Chairperson Christiana Mercer Rigby. “This additional turn lane will help relieve congestion and improve safety along Snowden River Parkway.”

“Expanding Snowden River Parkway is a necessity for Howard County. As a commuter, I am personally affected by the surplus of traffic during the weekday,” said County Council Vice Chairperson Opel Jones. “The additional lane would alleviate congestion for residents and business owners. The infrastructure expansion is long overdue and will assist all who live and work adjacent to Snowden River.”

While the County and its transportation partners work hard to maintain safe traffic mobility in work zones, drivers are reminded to stay alert and look for reduced speed limits, narrow driving lanes and highway workers. Please slow down and don’t follow too closely when traveling through a work zone. Remember, work zone safety is in your hands.

For questions or concerns about Capital Project J-4222 contact Lisa Brightwell, Public Works Customer Service, at 410-313-3440 or email


I reached out (via phone twice today) to Lisa Brightwell (Howard County Public Works Customer Service) to see if there was a timeline for this project to be completed. I left a voice message and am waiting to hear back from her or someone in that office. If I get an update at some point in the future…I will update this article.

ARTICLE UPDATE (3/27/19): I received a call back from Thomas Auyeung, Traffic Manager, Department of Public Works and he stated that they expect this work to be completed in the fall (late August or September 2019).

So that intersection will be a mess for a little while…be prepared for delays until this work is completed.

Here is a map of that area:

Click to view Google Maps

I am not looking forward to the construction in that area (that will make traffic a mess for a while) but when it is done I will be happy to see the end result. Hopefully this improves the westbound traffic in that area.

Now if the county would do something in that area about the eastbound traffic flow from Broken Land Parkway onto Snowden River Parkway to Berger Road…that would be great…because that can be a mess as well in the afternoons.

Scott E

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