Are You Concerned With What Is Happening In Annapolis?

Images from General Assembly of Maryland website

I do not write a lot about the activities or actions of elected officials outside of Howard County (primarily because I do not see every story outside of this county)…but the past month there have been three stories that have been talked about and written about and I thought it worth a post here on the blog. These stories are about: Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford), Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr (D-Calvert) and Del. Hasan M. “Jay” Jalisi (D-Baltimore County). Here is some of the information that has been written over the past month:

Del. Mary Ann Lisanti (D-Harford): (via Maryland Matters)

Lawmaker’s Racial Slur Roils State House

Calls Mount for Delegate’s Resignation

Lisanti Scandal: Black Leaders Say Busch Missed a Chance to Take Bold Action

House Censures Del. Lisanti, Who Vows to Remain in Office

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr (D-Prince George’s, Charles and Calvert Counties): (Via A Miner Detail)

Senate President Miller’s top aide says boss’ ‘little 30-year-old Jew’ remark is an ‘inside joke’

Del. Hasan M. “Jay” Jalisi (D-Baltimore County): (Via Maryland Matters)

Del. Jalisi Faces House Reprimand For Chronic Staff Abuse

All of these articles were written over the past month..and I am not even throwing in the story out of Baltimore City with the Mayor (another story that happened in the past month)….or other significant stories that happened not long before this legislative session.

This story was not written to attack either party…the letters (D or R) next to the names of the elected officials are not the story…it is the actions and culture in Annapolis. We should not ignore what is happening and I believe we should hold all elected officials accountable to their actions while in office.

I am super thankful this morning that no elected officials from Howard County have been the subject of these negative stories out of Annapolis.

I m curious what you think…am I making to much of these stories or should we be concerned that this is happening? If you are concerned…should we be doing more to stop it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Scott E

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