Elevate Maryland has become a popular local podcast…and now they have elevated their website…by adding a blog and multiple writers. Here is information they list on the website:

The Elevate Blog covers the latest news from the Elevate world, what we are doing and thinking about, and what we hope you’ll read with us and discuss. Elevate Editor Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz pulls from the podcast, our writers, and current news. Elevate Writers Candace Dodson ReedTom Coale, Mickey GomezElizabeth Mason MosesSabina Taj have inspirational and aspirational takes on what we need to do to Elevate Maryland and highlight perspectives from our guests, hosts and community. Find our first blog post here.

Here is information from their Facebook page:

I look forward to reading future blog posts to see what type of information they will be sharing with their followers. Give the first post a read (see link above) and be sure to give them a follow to keep up with podcasts and blog posts in the future.


Scott E