Screenshot of Myspace website this morning

The Guardian is reporting: Myspace loses all content uploaded before 2016

CNN is reporting: Myspace apologizes after losing 12 years’ worth of music

Many other news outlets are reporting this story as well.

At this point I do not think I know anyone that still has a Myspace account…so I do not really know how big a deal this is…not a big deal at all in my circle of friends and acquaintances…but obviously there is still a segment of the internet still using that old platform.

This is notable because it COULD happen on any platform…and you should always have content you want to save not only online…but saved locally to your computer or some type of external hard drives. These companies are not REQUIRED to keep your data forever and any of it can be lost or removed at any time.


If you are still using Myspace…sorry…but maybe it is time to move on to a more widely used platform…just my advice for the morning.

Scott E