Howard County Bag Tax Bill Passed In The Maryland House Of Delegates 99 to 38

UPDATE 3/20/19 – Apparently you can not believe everything you read on the state legislation website…because the numbers reported on “Crossover Day” are not the number reported today. The new total vote count is 99 to 38 (as opposed to 101 to 36 that I reported that day).

Here are the folks in Howard County that voted YES on you, me and everyone in this county paying 5 cents per bag we are GIVEN by businesses at checkout in Howard County:

Voted Yes: Atterbeary, Ebersole, Feldmark, Hill, Pendergrass, Terrasa, Watson

Voted no: Kittleman, Miller

CLICK HERE to see the actual vote totals

We are another step closer to paying 5 cents for every bag we are GIVEN at checkout by stores in Howard County…On March 18th The Howard County Bag Tax Bill (known as: “Howard County – Authority to Impose Fees for Use of Disposable Bags Ho. Co. 04-19”) was passed by the Maryland House of Delegates by a vote of 101 to 36.

As of this post the vote totals are in but the specifics on how each member voted has not been posted. Once that information is released I will be sure to update this post…and detail out how the members from Howard County voted on this bill (I do not expect it changed from how the delegation voted previously…but want the final document to confirm)…so that someday when you and I are paying 5 cents for every bag we are given at stores in this county…we know how that happened and who voted yes to make that happen.

I am not going to go into full rant mode this morning…you can read that here in my previous post (Howard County Bag Tax Bill – HB 1166-2019 – Receives A Favorable Report by the Environment and Transportation Committee).

The First Reading before the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in the Maryland Senate happened yesterday…so this is still moving forward….and I will continue to track it and let the readers know the progress.

Scott E

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  1. Naturally, it would pass in the MD House of Delegates by 74% if the Howard Co. delegation did not fight it. The other county delegates don’t care. It is not their county. Plus, the neighboring counties will see an increase in retail sales.

    In a few years, when the county council discover the nickel tax is not producing as much as they want, they will increase the tax amount. You say “they wouldn’t do that.” Show me one tax that went down.


  2. Over the next 3 yrs, every time you check out at the register, remember who promoted the nickel tax. Our democratic delegation in Annapolis, our County Council and County Exec Calvin Ball.

    They hope you will not notice the tax or just accept it.
    And, they know you are powerless to do anything about it.

    (I am a lifelong Democrat.)


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