HoCo Brew Hive To Replace T-Bonz In Ellicott City Maryland

I wrote back in December about (Saying Goodbye to T-Bonz Grill and Taphouse in Ellicott City) and since then I have heard a number of rumors of what type of business will replace T-Bonz at that location (4910 Waterloo Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043)…well now we know for sure…it will be HoCo Brew Hive.

I recently had a chance to sit down with the owners to find out a little more about the business, the concept and timing of the opening…here is some information they sent over you may find useful in advance of the opening:


Hello Howard County! It’s with great pleasure that we announce The HoCo Brew Hive!

This summer we’ll be binging incredibly interesting food and exceptional hospitality to our beautiful home! We fell in love with great food and spirits long ago. Now, we intend on sharing our imagination and taste with our neighbors, family, and friends!

The Brew Hive is a concept that has been a lifetime in the making. Whether it was visiting a local Maryland farm in the fall, or taking 50 East all the way out to the Eastern Shore in the summer months, we’ve been inspired by the native foods and flavors of our beautiful state all along the way. We should probably also mention that we’re absolutely nuts about HONEY!

Our honey based concept will play with nature’s sweetener as a centric, but not overpowering identity. We’ll take all your favorite foods and use delicious honeys to give them a unique twist. Imagine honey bbq fried tempura shrimp over grilled pineapple! Or blueberry bread pudding with bee pollen whipped cream and a lemon honey drizzle! Our love for food will keep our menu and atmosphere classic, yet inventive. Everyday we’ll ask ourselves the timeless question, “What do I want to eat?”. By the time we get to know you, the question will be, ‘What do my friends want to eat?”.

Our leadership team has over 40 combined years of living and working in this beautiful slice of Maryland called Howard County. We understand the importance of a good meal and how food can bring people from all walks of life together. We promise to stay loyal to our local ties, and have a great time doing so! Food should be fun! We hope to bring everyone in Howard County, and far beyond, closer together over the best darn food we can imagine! We look forward to seeing you at The Hive!

The HoCo Brew Hive

When we talked they mentioned that the business would have bands and other similar entertainment that T-Bonz was known for in the past…the menu sounds delicious…and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Renovations are scheduled to start this week and they project an opening in the middle of June. A new restaurant in Howard County this summer…yes please. I will be visiting…I am hoping that they have some type of grand opening event…if they do…I will do what I can to make it out and get some photos for the blog.

No website or social media outreach yet…I am sure all of that will be coming once they get closer to the opening this summer.

I will stay in touch and as things move forward you may find more posts on this blog…so check back often.

Scott E

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  1. Hi Scott . I’m looking for bar or restaurant space in Howard County if you know anything coming open. Thanks Tim


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