Scott Ewart To Be A Guest On Everyday Law Podcast – March 19, 2019

I have some fun and exciting news (at least I think so)…I have been invited to be a guest on Everyday Law Podcast on March 19th. Here is information about the Everyday Law Podcast (via iTunes):

“Join Attorney Robert V. Clark as he talks about the law with an eye toward practical applications useful to HCC students, employees, and everyone else. Covering topics ranging from landlord tenant matters, traffic stops, debts and bankruptcy, injury cases, jury duty, DUI’s, marijuana law, gender and sexual orientation discrimination (Including Title 9) and everything else in between.”

The podcast is recorded at Howard County Community College as part of Dragon Digital Radio (see a full list of podcasts here).

The podcast had a number of political candidates on the show during the last election:

I expect local politics to be a big topic of conversation during the recording…plus we will be talking about the blog and local issues here in Howard County.

You can learn more about Dragon Digital Radio via their webpage here. You can also check out Dragon Digital Radio on social media: Facebook | Twitter

You can learn more about Robert V. Clark via the Clark & Steinhorn website here.

The Podcast is not broadcast live…but should be on iTunes, Podbean, Google Music and other sources on Thursday March 21st.

Once the podcast is online…I will add the link to listen to it below.

I am very much looking forward to meeting Mr. Clark in person and being on his show to talk about local issues here in Howard County.

Scott E

ARTICLE UPDATE (3/25/19): The interview is now online…listen to it HERE.

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