Johnny Manziel Signed By The Memphis Express Of The Alliance Of American Football League

The Memphis Express of the Alliance Of American Football League (AAF) have signed Johnny Manziel to their 2019 roster. The team and the league confirmed the signing of Manziel on Saturday night.

Honestly the timing for this signing could not be better after Zach Mettenbeger went down with an injury in the game on Saturday in which the Express lost 22 to 9 to Salt Lake.

The AAF has positioned itself to be a “2nd chance” minor league for NFL caliber players…and Manziel is in that boat at this point in his career.

The Canadian Football League has basically banned Manziel from playing in the league…so this might just be his last shot of earning his way back into the NFL…the big question is will he embrace this opportunity or will he find a way to mess this one up as well?

As a Memphis Express fan I hope Manziel plays well…gets the team some wins…and can find a way to earn the respect he once had in football…because if he messes this up…I can not imagine any other REAL team giving him another shot.

Good luck Johnny…and go Memphis Express!!!

Scott E

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