I know I am a little late with this announcement…but felt it was still worth noting on the blog…HB0590-2019 (Howard County Board of Education – Election of Members Ho. Co. 01–19) passed 134 to 0 in the Maryland House of Delegates on March 12th. For those that do not remember…here is the summary text of the bill:

Requiring that certain members of the Howard County Board of Education be elected by the voters of certain districts and certain members be elected at large by the voters of the county; and applying the Act to the election of the members of the Howard County Board of Education for the term of office that begins December 7, 2020.

The bill now moves forward to the Maryland State Senate. That bill is scheduled for a hearing on March 20th at 1:00pm.

I am hoping that this passes unanimously in the Senate…and then the Governor signs it…then it becomes real for the 2020 election…then the real fireworks begin…because the HoCoBOE election cycle in 2020 should be VERY interesting.


I have been following this item since Delegate Atterbeary first introduced it…and super excited she did not give up on it…and now we are one step closer to it being the way it should be…here is some history for those  interested:

Stay tuned…this will stay on my must watch list of bill in Annapolis.

Scott E