It appears the the Howard County Planning Board approved the Royal Farms and Canton Car Wash proposal on Snowden River Parkway…here is a post on Facebook I saw this morning:

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I checked the Planning Board website…as of this morning…the video is not available and the final decision is not posted. I will keep an eye out and when it is posted…I will update this article.

Glad to see after all of the years of trying…this will finally move forward. Hoping that this does what many expect…provide a lower cost solution for gas in that area (and a really good option for chicken)…because if not…well, I will have many more follow up posts on this topic.

Scott E



  1. If you think this is such a great project then why did the same Planning Board vote to to deny it in 2015? And that plan had better access.

    Sorry, there’s more to an approvable site development plan than chicken.

    • Because in 2015, the Siddique family had more political clout. Do some research on why the gas prices in Columbia are $.50 higher than the rest of the county. You will see a particular name come up time and again.

  2. Lots of local gas station owners fought hard to keep the competition out. Imagine having RoFo cut into your rediculius margins. The previous site also had a right in right out which the community was opposed to and was changed with the most recently approved plan.

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