Alliance of American Football Leaders In Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Tackles, Sacks and Interceptions Through Week 4

40 precent of the Alliance of American Football (AAF) regular season is complete…let us take a look at the players on offense and defense leading the way in the league this season:

QBs: (Most Passing Yards)

  • Garrett Gilbert (Orlando) – 1,071 yards
  • Luis Perez (Birmingham) – 797 yards
  • John Wolford (Arizona) – 780 yards

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Other notable items: Luis Perez leads the league in passing attempts (141), Luis Perez leads the lead in pass completions (79), Josh Woodrum (Salt Lake) leads the league in completion percentage (64%) – minimum 70 pass attempts, John Wolford leads the league in passing touchdowns (8).

RBs: (Most Rushing Yards)

  • Ja’Quan Gardner (San Diego) – 287 yards
  • Kenneth Farrow, II (San Antonio) – 280 yards
  • Jhurell Pressley (Arizona) – 266 yards

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Other notable items: Trent Richardson (Birmingham) leads the league in rushing attempts (67), Ja’Quan Gardner leads the league in yards per attempt (6.5 yards) (minimum 20 rushing attempts), Trent Richardson leads the league in rushing touchdowns (7).

WRs: (Most Receiving Yards)

  • Charles Johnson (Orlando) – 410 yards
  • Rashad Ross (Arizona) – 295 yards
  • Quinton Patton (Birmingham) – 226 yards
  • Mekale McKay (San Antonio) – 226 yards

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Other notable items: Charles Johnson leads the league in total receptions (23), Charles Johnson leads the league in yards per catch (17.8 yards) (minimum 10 receptions), Rashad Ross leads the league in receiving touchdowns (5).

Defense: (Tackles)

  • Tyson Graham, Jr. – DB (Atlanta) – 31
  • Beniquez Brown – LB (Birmingham) – 26
  • Erick Dargan – DB (Arizona) – 25

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Other notable items: leaders in assist tackles are: Tyson Graham (16), Reggie Northrup II (13), and two players tied with 12.

Defense: (Sacks)

  • Karter Schult – DE (Salt Lake) – 4
  • 4 players tied with 3 sacks

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Defense: (Interceptions)

  • Terence Garvin – LB (Orlando) – 3
  • Seven players tied with 2 interceptions

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My Top 5 NFL prospects (and why) based on stats this season so far:

  1. Garrett Gilbert (Orlando) – Best QB
  2. Charles Johnson (Orlando) – Best WR
  3. Rashad Ross (Arizona) – Most Rec TDs
  4. John Wolford (Arizona) – Most Pass TDs
  5. Trent Richardson (Birmingham) – Most Rush TDs

Be sure to check out all of the updated stats on the AAF website:

Scott E

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