Did you get the email back on February 12th from Maryland MVA about the Federal Real ID Act Requirement: Documents Needed? This is the second notification I have received.

Here is the text of the latest email:

Dear Valued Customer,

The federal REAL ID Act requires Maryland residents to bring in documentation of age and identity, social security, and two proofs of Maryland residential address to meet federal security standards for state-issued licenses and identification cards. Meeting this requirement will give you the ability to visit federal government facilities and fly on airplanes using your state issued Driver’s License or Identification Card.

You may now bring your REAL ID documentation to any MDOT MVA branch to complete your REAL ID Enrollment. To serve our customers in a timely manner bring your documents to your local branch office by June 12, 2019. Failure to respond may result in further action against your Driver’s license or Identification Card.


Click Here to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions regarding REAL ID or would like additional information, please visit our website.

Have a wonderful day.

-The MDOT MVA Team


Due to the federal REAL ID Act, you will need to present the following documents:

1. One (1) proof of age and identity. Examples: An original or certified copy of your U.S. Birth Certificate or U.S. Passport. (If your current legal name is different than what is listed on these documents, you will also need to provide a government – issued marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other court document(s) to explain the name change.)
2. One (1) proof of Social Security. Examples: An original Social Security Card, W – 2 form, SSA – 1099 or non – SSA 1099 (Displaying your name and full Social Security number.)
3. Two (2) proofs of Maryland residency. Examples: Insurance Card, Vehicle Registration, Credit Card or Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Mail from a Federal, State, or Local government agency. ( Displaying your name and Maryland residential address.)

Click here to walk through a complete list of documents for federal REAL ID Act Enrollment.


Not sure if your drivers license complies with the Federal ID Act…click here and put in your drivers license number…MVA will tell you.

I had a loyal reader reach out and provide me the following information on their experience with MVA in complying with this requirement:

When I received the alarming MD driver’s license renewal documentation notice, I made a renewal appointment online. That was a snow day, so I went in person yesterday to the Towson MVA at 11:33am. There are 227 persons there for license renewals. They were on B122 when I arrived. My number was B209. When home, came back with laptop and book and 45 minutes later, checked status. B145 was being called. was My number was up at 3:57pm.

I checked “waiting stats” at other MVA locations and there were between 51 and 84 persons waiting at three locations.

SO,,,,,, make an appointment if you can access the system or go to western Maryland…….

as well as this:

I was concerned about the numbers of working people who had to take a full day off just for license renewal.
Being a “professional” question asker, several persons told me it was their second or third trip to the MVA because they did not have the correct documents.

I also observed that there were no phone rechargers and that more than half of the people had to stand the whole time.

So this does not sound like a fun experience…but when is going to the MVA ever a fun experience. One thing to note…be SURE to have all of the correct documents when you go…no one wants to go through this multiple times if it can be helped.

Learn more about The Real ID Act here:

Scott E