Article updated 5:00pm on 2/18/19: We have more snow headed to Howard County this week (at least that is what the weather people are saying right now)…the projections look like we could get 3 to 6 inches 5 to 8 inches between Tuesday evening through Wednesday. Here is what Fox 45 is reporting this morning (no update from them yet since this morning):

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I always like to look at multiple sources…so here is what the weather channel is projecting for Wednesday: (The image below was updated to reflect the new higher totals)

So pretty similar projections. Looking forward to seeing what Fox 45 reports out tomorrow morning.

I am betting that if we get this much…schools will be closed on Wednesday…and if you have scheduled meetings…now may be a good time to reschedule them for earlier or later in the week.

I am ready for Spring…are you?

Scott E