I have written a couple of times about Maryland Senate Bill 32 – 2019 (Election Law – Early Voting Centers – Reduced Days of Operation)…this bill was floated out there to reduce the number of early voting days by removing early voting on the weekend. Here are my past articles on the topic:

Maryland State Senate Bill Would Remove Early Voting On Weekends

Maryland State Senators (Benson and Lam) Respond About SB-32 2019

The subcommittee in the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs committee took a vote on it on February 7th…and the status now reads “In the Senate – Unfavorable Report by Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs; Withdrawn”…here are the vote results listed on the website:

Everyone supporting withdrawing this bill…thank goodness…I still like early voting on the weekends and really did not want this bill to move forward.

I have many other bills on my watch list…so stay tuned for updates to those bills…and maybe some new ones out there that will get my attention before the session ends.

Scott E