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We all knew that Joe Flacco was done in Baltimore…and now it looks like he may have a new home…in Denver…according to a report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The deal cannot be officially completed until the new NFL league year begins March 13.

Many had speculated where Flacco may end up…some speculated Washington…other speculated Jacksonville…there were even other crazy ideas I had heard…but I had not heard of the idea of Denver floated out there up until today.

Case Keenum can not be thrilled with this situation now…he just got to the team last year…and now maybe the team will go in another direction next year.

Nothing is done until it is really done…but this sounds legit…and now that Eric Decosta (Ravens GM) is making deals…expect some big splashes from the Ravens this offseason.

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  1. Now Denver is a SERIOUS sports town, and they LOVE their Broncos. I mean LOVE the Broncos. FlaccIf Flacco does well out their….they will love him! If he doesn’t….we’ll…. Good luck Joe. Maybe now MY team will have a great quarterback again. Yep….I’m a Broncos fan!

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