Did you see the article on the Baltimore Sun website titled “Ball still has no plan for Ellicott City’s future“? The article is an opinion piece by Julia Sanger (co-owner of Park Ridge Trading Company and Park Ridge Creamery) and has been making the rounds on social media. I have seen it posted and re-posted a number of times…on personal timelines and in a number of local groups.

The article is critical of Howard County Executive Calvin Ball after his recent press conference announcing Ellicott City Safe and Sound Plan Phase 1. The article also notes frustration about the “lack of direct engagement” and notes concerns about the actions being “all fluff, no substance”.

Residents and business owners are obviously still very concerned about what actions will happen in Ellicott City to protect it in the future. Phase 1 of the EC Safe and Sound plan included items like:

  • Ongoing Repairs and Upstream Projects
  • Emergency Public Alert System
  • Clearing the Waterways
  • Flood Mitigation Assistance Pilot Program
  • Working with State Partners
  • Supporting Main Street Businesses
  • Creation of a Community Development Corporation Exploration Committee

The question is…is this enough? Also…will we see a phase 2 of this plan that has bigger and bolder actions…and if so…how long before it is announced? One more question…will specific outreach increase to the residents and businesses in Ellicott City to keep everyone in the loop of what is happening and take input from those with concerns?

What are your thoughts on EC Safe and Sound Phase 1…and do you agree with the writer of the article in the Sun or do you believe that the County Executive is off to a good start addressing the issues faced by Ellicott City?


Scott E


  1. I agree with Julia. I am also a local business of 40 yrs in Historic Ellicott City. Mr. Ball was on the county council for the last 12 years and 3 floods, there is no reason why he should still be doing studies. I feel he is swayed by outside influences and not by the people who really matter. Many businesses and residents are rebuilding for the third time. Mr Ball should be meeting with them and hearing their concerns. On his committees for Historic Ellicott City he is not listening to those have been directly effected by the floods.

  2. Article is bang on. Ball was critical of Kittleman EC plan during campaign. Ball proposal was unveiled with great fanfare. I expected more than a rehash of previous initiatives. Bottom line is real improvements to EC will take money. Money that will be hard to come by in light of need for new schools, other priorities/promises, etc. Perhaps this could be paid for with bag tax revenues…..

  3. It’s Historic Ellicott City, TIber and Hudson Watersheds AND the Little Patuxent Watershed… Old Annapolis Road at Woodland Road continuously floods (Red Tree Branch of the LPR and LPR) A resident of Annapolis Station took videos of this flooding, which made National News as the “Flood in Ellicott City” — which it was. Route 29 floods… No more development on the Patapsco and Little Patuxent River Watersheds!!!

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