Alliance of American Football Inaugural Season – 2019

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The NFL season came to an end…and for those that love football…we get the Alliance of American Football..which kicked off its inaugural season yesterday.

What is The Alliance of American Football?
Led by some of the most respected football minds in the game, The Alliance of American Football is a dynamic professional football league fueled by an unprecedented Alliance between players, fans and the game.

When is the AAF launching?
The inaugural season of The Alliance begins February 9, 2019 on CBS.

Who owns and runs the AAF?
Founded by TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol and Hall of Famer Bill Polian, The Alliance is a single-entity structured league.

The league has eight teams (Arizona Hotshots, Atlanta Legends, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, ,Salt Lake Stallions, San Antonio Commanders, and San Diego Fleet) and will play games on Saturday and Sunday from this weekend through mid-April. The playoffs will be April 20 & 21 with the Championship game on April 27th.

The league has some well known head coaches…here are a few you may know:

  • Arizona: Rick Neuheisel
  • Memphis: Mike Singletary
  • Orlando: Steve Spurrier
  • Salt Lake: Dennis Erickson
  • San Diego: Mike Martz

The league leadership has some well known names as well…here are a few you may know:

  • Bill Polian – Head of Football/Co-founder
  • Troy Polamalu – Head of Player Relations
  • Hines Ward – Head of Football Development

The league is in serious need of a better website: Look…when your league contact form is a Google Form…that is not a good look…just saying. Now not all of it is bad…but some aspects are really not what I expected when I reviewed it.

The league has a mobile app…I have not downloaded it yet…but it is on my to do agenda for this afternoon. I may write up more about the app if I like it enough to keep it on my phone.

I am hoping for some good games…maybe it catches on as an offseason option for those of us that love football. Time will tell.

I have already chosen my team for this season (Memphis Express…I know…big shocker). Memphis has a decent number of players from the University of Tennessee (Rajion Neal – RB, Alton “Pig” Howard  – WR, Corey Vereen  – DE, and many others)  and the current QB is a player Tennessee Titans fans will remember (Zach Mettenberger)…now he did not play well for the Titans…maybe he does better in this league….I can hope.

It would be great if next season Baltimore got a team. How great would that be? We can dream.

Memphis takes on Birmingham today at 4:00pm…it will be broadcast on CBS sports and I will be watching (thank goodness that is a channel I get on YouTube TV).

Will you be watching this new football league?

Scott E

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