Senator Cardin Votes Yes and Senator Van Hollen Votes No on S.1 Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019

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On February 5th…The United State Senate finally passed a bill in 2019…S. 1 (Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019). The Bill Measure Title: A bill to make improvements to certain defense and security assistance provisions and to authorize the appropriation of funds to Israel, to reauthorize the United States-Jordan Defense Cooperation Act of 2015, and to halt the wholesale slaughter of the Syrian people, and for other purposes.

The final vote was 77 – 23. Why do I find this interesting…the U.S. Senators from Maryland voted differently on this bill (you don’t see that every day). Senator Ben Cardin voted yes and Senator Chris Van Hollen voted no.

I was hoping to find out more information on why each U.S. Senator voted the way they did…so I hoped on social media thinking I might find some type of announcement…what I found was nothing mentioned from either elected official on Facebook or Twitter about this bill on February 5th.

Now to be fair…February 5th was the day of the State of the Union…and that dominated all social media that day…so maybe that is why nothing was mentioned. If something interesting is mentioned in the future…I will be sure to update this post or create a new post about it.

One additional note – U.S. Senator Rand Paul (Republican from Kentucky) voted against this bill…just an interesting note on this bill.

Here is more information on the bill (including a voting breakdown):

Here is more information on votes taken in 2019: (note…1 billed passed on February 5th…that is all so far this year…at least as of this post).

Do you find it interesting that the two Democrat U.S. Senators from Maryland voted on opposite sides of this bill? Do you wonder why as well? Would you like to see more information from them on social media when final votes on bills happen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Scott E

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