Howard County Girls Basketball: Long Reach High Tops Reservoir High 58 to 54

Long Reach High School (LRHS) picked up a big win last night over Reservoir High School (RHS) 58 to 54. RHS started the game off quickly jumping out to a 12 – 2 lead in the first quarter…but the LHRS team battled back to close the gap and only trailed 19 to 13 going into the second quarter. The second quarter belonged to LRHS and they had the lead 33 to 31 a the half. The game remained tight in the third quarter and LRHS held on to the lead 46 – 42 going into the fourth quarter. LRHS built up a bit of a lead in the fourth quarter leading 54 to 48 with 1:53 remaining on the clock. The game ended with a final score of 58 to 54 in favor of LRHS. (Special note: Thanks to Brent Kennedy for all of the updates from the game on Twitter).

Long Reach High School Boosters Club posted the following information on Facebook along with more than 180 photos from the game:

The Lightning extended its winning streak to 8 as they took down another top-ranked HoCo team, Reservoir, in a gut-wrenching 58-54 win. Senior Lyric Swann made all the late game clutch baskets but got plenty of help from a deep LR bench. Great job ladies, let’s keep it going! #LRHSPride

(Special note: Thanks to Israel Carunungan for allowing me use of photos for this and future articles).

Here are the current Howard County Girls Basketball Standings:

Long Reach High School now has eight consecutive wins in Howard County games and four consecutive wins overall…last losing to Institute Of Notre Dame (Baltimore, MD) 55 to 57 back on January 12th. You can view their full schedule here (CLICK HERE).

Howard High and Oakland Mills High top the county standings with 10 wins each.

Keep an eye out for regular updates on Howard County sports on this blog. I will cover what I can…with an emphasis on Long Reach High School (that is the school my daughter graduated from a couple of years ago).

Scott E

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