Closing out January with some snow and some very cold weather this week

It is not shaping up to be a fun weather week for us here in Howard County. Snow is back in the forecast on Tuesday and it is looking like we will get somewhere between two and four inches. Here are a few sources of information: Calling for under 2 inches

Jonathan Myers of Fox 45: Calling for 2 to 3 inches

Tony Pann of WBAL: Calling for 4 inches

So not a great amount of snow…but enough to be annoying on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

We also have some VERY cold temperatures rolling in the area this week. Here is what is being reported form

We will have lows in the single digits on Wednesday and Thursday. Highs after the snow on Tuesday does not appear that it will get above 32…that is just not a fun forecast for this week. Watch for code blue notifications from Howard County Government and our County Executive on social media.

Keep an eye on Friday as well…more snow in the forecast…not much…but again…still annoying.

Does anyone else miss summer?

Scott E

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