Photos From Howard County Board of Education Coffee and Conversation – January 26th

I attended the Howard County Board of Education Coffee and Conversation session at Swansfield Elementary this morning. I was able to get a few photos as the session began: (click image to see all photos on Facebook)

Five HoCoBOE members attended the session (Coombs, Mallo, Delmont-Small, Cutroneo and Wu).

Howard County Board of Education member Cutroneo posted the following information on Facebook after the meeting today:

Thank you to all who attended this morning’s BOE Coffee and Conversation… Terrific to see such a large turnout! At my table we chatted about redistricting, overcrowding, equity between schools, improving communication/BOE website, school safety and mental health.

A conversation I want to continue is ways in which the school system can change the status quo of school culture. Yes, we need more mental health resources; but perhaps we also need to reflect on what we as a school system can do differently.

Just a few issues I think about and heard from parents this morning and on the daily:

-Value of Class rank
-Bring your own device policy esp in middle school
-The AP Class hunger games (how many can you feel pressured to take and survive?)
-Quality sleep and Starting School Later

Maybe if we invest more at the front end (addressing root cause) we can mitigate the costs to treat and support. Our kids are much more than numbers, scores and ranks and maybe we need to reset our priorities.

Some of the things I noted from the meeting were:

  • Class ranking concerns
  • Redistricting items
  • Overcrowding options related to Howard and Centennial
  • Communication during significant activities

This was the first coffee session I have attended…but I do not think it will be my last one.

If you ever get an opportunity to attend on of these session…I recommend it. It is a great way to meet and talk to your school board members.

Scott E

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