Howard County Board of Education – Campaign Finance Reports – January 2019

Howard County Board of Education

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the finance reports for the Howard County Board of Education members…it was something I did throughout the last election cycle and thought I would continue reporting this information going forward.

Here is the summary information for all board of education members:

I decided to break out the candidates by district (or at large) since that is what they will be running as starting in 2020. Here are my comments by district:

District 1: (elected officials up for re-election in 2020)

  • Delmont-Small has the most money in the bank in this district at the moment (but has $1,000 in loans to the campaign on the books).
  • Taj is currently underwater per the latest report (-$366.41 per the report). Taj has no loans or outstanding bills reported.

District 4: (elected officials up for re-election in 2020)

  • Coombs has nearly $2,500 in the bank per the report (but also has $5,000 in outstanding loans per the report).
  • Mallo has a pretty limited amount of funds in the campaign at the moment (and has more than $400 in outstanding bills and $4,000 in campaign loans per the latest report).
  • Ellis does not have a filed report listed for January 2019. Back in January of 2018 she had $3,187.80 cash on hand and $2,000 in loans to the campaign.

At Large: (Neither of these elected officials are up for re-election until 2022)

  • Cutroneo has just over $250 in the bank and has an outstanding loan balance of $3,528.
  • Wu has more money in the bank at this time than any other elected official on the board (nearly $2,900) and he does not have any loan balance to the campaign per the latest report.

We are a long way from the 2020 election…and at this point we do not know which of the five Howard County Board of Education members up for re-election will actually run again in 2020….but it will be fun to see how it all plays out between now and then…for those of us that follow this stuff.

That is it. If you want to dig through the reports, visit: and search each elected official to get their reports.

I will be breaking down additional reports in the near future…to include our County Executive and other locally elected officials.

Stay tuned.

Scott E

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