I thought it would be fun to take a look at the finance reports for our newly elected officials on the Howard County Council…it was something I did throughout the last election cycle and thought I would continue reporting this information going forward.

Prior to the reports released on January 16th (what I am reporting on here) the last report was the 11/20/2018 Post-General Gubernatorial report.

Here is the summary information for all council members:


  • Opel Jones (District 2) has the most campaign money in the bank on the council today.
  • David Yungmann (District 5) reported spending the most money since November 20th.
  • Liz Walsh (District 1) has the least money on hand and spent the least money since November 20th.

Here are some interesting items on the reports by candidates (things I look for are significant contribution amounts, PAC money, campaign transfers, significant outstanding loans & unpaid bill balances and other items that might catch my eye on a report).

Liz Walsh (District 1):

Has a little bit of money listed in Loans & Unpaid Bills ($2,500.00)

Opel Jones (District 2):

Picked up some cash from other campaigns:

  • 12/08/2018 Atterbeary, Vanessa Committee to Elect $1,000.00
  • 12/08/2018 Gibson, Richard Friends of $1,062.50
  • 01/07/2019 Harris, Marcus Citizens for $700.00

Christiana Rigby (District 3):

No notable items on the report

Deb Jung (District 4):

Has a significant amount of money listed in Loans & Unpaid Bills ($29,404.70)

David Yungmann (District 5):

Picked up some PAC money:

  • 11/14/2018 Howard County Police Supervisors Alliance PAC $250.00

That is it. If you want to dig through the reports, visit: https://campaignfinancemd.us/Public/ViewFiledReports?theme=vista and search each elected official to get their reports.

I will be breaking down additional reports in the near future…to include our County Executive, Howard County Board of Education members and other locally elected officials.

Stay tuned.

Scott E