2019 bill for Live and Archived Video Streaming of Meetings in Annapolis – HB 144

It is back in 2019…a bill for Live and Archived Video Streaming of Meetings in the General Assembly in Annapolis…currently House Bill 144. This bill is sponsored by Delegates Szeliga and Moon. The full text is not out there as of this post…so I may do an updated post in the future once I get a chance to see the information in the bill.

This bill was up for consideration in 2018 but it did not make it out of committee. Listed as House Bill 704 – it was given an unfavorable motion in the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee and the final committee vote was 14 – 3 (7 excused)….killing it in 2018. Here is how that vote went down:

On the local level here in Howard County…Delegate Shane Pendergrass voted to kill this bill in 2018. Delegate Warren Miller voted to keep it alive (voting against the unfavorable motion). Delegate Turner was “excused” from this vote.

The new line up in 2019 for Howard County on the House Rules and Executive Nominations Committee include:

  • Delegate Vanessa Atterbeary
  • Delegate Warren Miller
  • Delegate Shane Pendergrass

Will things be different for this bill in 2019? Will the representatives in Annapolis vote in favor of allowing us to watch the discussions happening on bills (and not just listen to them via audio recordings without names of who is speaking)? Will they finally be in favor of open and transparent discussions…or will this die out the way it did in 2018?

These are the types of issues I am interested in watching…and now this is big time on my watch list for 2019. In the near future…I may try to reach out the the various delegates on this committee to see where they stand on this issue…because it is important to know as soon as possible where our elected officials stand on these issues.

Stay tuned…

Scott E

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