Back on January 10th I wrote the article “Maryland State Senate Bill Would Remove Early Voting On Weekends“. I reached out to Maryland State Senator Joanne C. Benson (District 24, Prince George’s County) who submitted this legislation and to Maryland State Senator Clarence Lam (District 12) for comments about the bill. I have now heard back from them (or their offices) via email and I wanted to share that information with the readers interested in this bill.

From Senator Benson:

Hi Mr. Ewart,

Thank you so much for your correspondence. At the request of many citizens, I submitted this bill. They felt the days needed to be shortened to leave out Saturday and Sunday. The hours could extend from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. I was concerned about the cost as well.

Thank you,
Joanne C. Benson


The Office of Senator Joanne C. Benson
24th Legislative District
Prince George’s County, MD
(301) 858-3148

From the office of Senator Lam:

Hello Mr. Ewart,
Thank you for reaching out to Sen. Lam’s office regarding SB 32.

You are correct that this bill would remove the weekend early voting days.

Currently, Sen. Lam is looking forward to the hearing on this bill so that he has the opportunity to hear from its supporters and opponents.

Thank you for reaching out to Sen. Lam’s office regarding SB 32.

Scott Tiffin
Chief of Staff
Senator Clarence Lam, MD, MPH
Maryland House of Delegates
District 12 | Baltimore & Howard Counties
Office: 410-841-3653

I look forward to hearing more about this bill. Most of the feedback I have seen on social media has been against removing the weekends from early voting. Some people think the number of days can be shortened…but I have not seen anyone suggest removing the weekends from early voting.

The is no question that early voting on Saturday and Sunday gets less total number of votes than early voting does during the week…but it is very convenient for those working and commuting during the week.

Stay tuned folks…this is a bill I am watching this session.

Scott E