The was announced via email this afternoon…Maryland State Senator Clarence Lam will take over the Senate Chair for the Howard County Delegation on January 14th. Here is the text of the announcement:

Please be aware that as of January 14, 2019, the new Senate Chair for the Howard County Delegation will be Senator Clarence K. Lam, replacing the current Senate Chair, Senator Guy Guzzone. The House Chair will continue to be Delegate Terri L. Hill. Please send all correspondence for the Delegation Chairs to Senator Lam and Delegate Hill beginning on January 14, 2019. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the me.

Kam Bridges
Howard County Delegation Administrator
Maryland General Assembly
The Maryland House of Delegates
6 Bladen Street, Room 214B
Annapolis, MD 21401
phone: 410 -841-3360, 301-858-3360

This places both chair positions (senate and delegate) for the Howard County Delegation in the hands of District 12.

Maryland State Senator Guy Guzzone became the Majority Leader this session and the responsibilities associated with that position may be why this change is being made now (that is my best guess at the moment). I have no official word on that other than what you read above in the published announcement. Hoping for more information in the near future.

If you have any additional details on the story…let me know in the comments.

Scott E