Screenshot from Twitter

Now my issue with the tweets is the claim that Governor Hogan hasn’t “bothered to tweet” about this shutdown. So let’s fact check that tweet for a second…here is a tweet sent out by Governor Hogan on December 21st: (by the way…you can find the same post on Facebook on December 21st)

So to be very clear…Governor Hogan did tweet about this shutdown and the adverse affects it will have on people living and working in Maryland as well as send a letter to Washington. He did not blame a particular party…his own or the other party…he clearly called out everyone in Washington…as he should do as Governor of this state.

What Cummings did was try to score some political points this morning by calling out Governor Hogan…apparently without doing any research or by clearing fibbing on this topic. I can’t say for certain which…but the tweet was clearly wrong.

This is the stuff that make people really dislike politics.

As I am writing this post…the tweet that I had an issue with has been deleted…maybe because I responded with the screenshots I showed above from Governor Hogan on December 21st.

Hopefully this shutdown ends soon and we can all move forward…and hopefully we get the truth on social media from the leaders of each party.

Scott E