It was a fun year with the blog…and here were the five most popular posts / pages of 2018:

1. March 2018 – 2018 Howard County Board of Education Candidates by District –

2. March 2018 – Howard County Board of Education Candidate Survey Responses –

3. October 2018 – Bill McMahon vs Marcus Harris – Howard County Sheriff Race – 2018 –

4. August 2018 – Howard County Board Seeks Public Input on Options to Relieve High School Overcrowding –


5. December 2018 – Ranking Howard County High Schools Via Maryland State Report Cards –

The blog hit all time high in blog site views in 2018. Here is a year by year breakdown:

  • 2014: 18,948 views
  • 2015: 26,631 views
  • 2016: 38,574 views
  • 2017: 52,937 views
  • 2018: 127,900 + 69,005 (196,905 views as of Dec 29th)
    • The 2018 numbers represent the views from the original blog site and the new blog site launched on October 4th…which is why you see two sets of numbers for 2018.

The best month of all time is June 2018 with over 39,100 views for the month.

The blog site went through an upgrade back in October 2018. The new design allowed me to add some new features and information for the readers.

I have recently added a couple of new features:

I have some plans for 2019 to provide even more local information to readers. Stay tuned for that…

This is probably my final post of 2018 (unless we get some breaking news I feel I need to post)…so I hope you all have a wonderful end to 2018 and a outstanding 2019.

Thanks for reading!!!

Scott E