Calvin Ball’s Old Constant Contact Account Was Compromised

Did you get this email tonight? Apparently some of us did. It is an email from Constant Contact associated to the old email address for Calvin Ball (the email address he used while on the County Council).

The message in the email makes it look like it is from Netflix and they are canceling your account….unless you click the link to “Update correct zipcode”. I can not stress this enough…DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK!!!

Calvin Ball recently tweeted out the following message:

“It recently come to my attention that my old Council email account was compromised. My team and I are actively working to fix this. Please, standby as we work through this. I recommend not clicking any links in the content of the email. Apologies to all those affected. Thank you”

Here is an update in a recent tweet:

UPDATE: it was my Constant Contact account from when I was on the council that was compromised. My team and I have since stopped using the account. If you have clicked the link and provided login information, please, update your passwords as soon as possible for extra security.

Scott E

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