The Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins both played on Saturday….but had very different results. The Ravens won…the Redskins lost….here are some game breakdowns:

Titans 25 Redskins 16

Adrian Peterson did all he could yesterday (116 yards rushing) but in the end is was not enough to take down the red hot Tennessee Titans yesterday. This probably ends the Redskins run to the playoffs in 2018 (now sitting at 7 – 8 in 2018).

Ravens 22 Chargers 10

Lamar Jackson did what many thought he could not do…travel to San Diego and take down the Chargers. Jackson threw for 204 yards and added another 39 on the ground leading the Ravens to the win. To be fair…this game was about the Ravens defense which held Phillip Rivers to 181 yards passing and picked off two of his passes yesterday.

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Here is the NFC playoff picture after the games yesterday:

The Washington Redskins remain in 8th…here is where they stand:

Barely alive after blowing a lead at Tennessee, Washington needs to see the Eagles lose to the Texans or both the Vikings lose to the Lions and the Seahawks lose to the Chiefs. Washington can get in if the Vikings lose twice, if the Eagles lose to the Texans on Sunday, and if Washington beats the Eagles next Sunday. Washington also can get in if the Eagles lose today, Washington beats the Eagles next Sunday, the Seahawks lose twice, and Washington secures the strength-of-victory tiebreaker.

Here is the AFC Playoff picture after the games yesterday:

The Baltimore Ravens are in the 6th spot…and here is where they stand:

Thanks to that victory over the Chargers, the Ravens are in with a win next week, either as the AFC North champions (if the Steelers lose at the Saints or at home to the Bengals) or as the No. 6 seed (unless, as MDS explained on Saturday, the Texans lose their final two games and Houston prevails on the always-shifting strength-of-victory tiebreaker with the Ravens). Baltimore would win a wild-card tiebreaker with the Titans at 10-6 (thanks to a 21-0 shutout of Tennessee earlier this year) or the Colts at 10-6 (thanks to a better conference record). At this point, it’s still possible that the Ravens get in even with a loss next week; they’d win the division if the Steelers lose twice, and the Ravens would secure the No. 6 seed if the Colts lose to the Giants on Sunday and then beat the Titans next weekend, and if the Dolphins lose at least once.

So both teams are still alive for the playoffs…but obviously the Ravens are in the drivers seat and the Redskins need A LOT of help going forward.

One more week left in the regular season…stay tuned folks.

Scott E