One of the fun places to hang out, grab a drink and eat some good food has gone away…T-Bonz in Ellicott City closed on November 25th. Here is the announcement on their website:

On November 25th we served our last drinks and food. It was a tough decision but we have sold and someone new will open a restaurant after renovations. We want to thank you for all of your loyalty to our business! We truly love the community and will miss seeing everyone!! Thank you and have a happy holiday season !!

Wonder what the new restaurant will be? Does anyone know? If so, let me know in the comments.

Scott E



  1. Sorry to see T-Bones go, but like all previous restaurants in this isolated corner, you depended on locals to keep it going. What I hope the new owners do – we need a music venue in EC. Jazz, Piano bar etc. I, and several neighbors would visit more often if good food, service (especially service) and comfortable entertainment is offered, at least monthly, if not weekly. Even on a weekday evening. What is not needed is another “Family” type restaurant. There are tooooo many. Have Victoria Pub, Center Park Grill etc. tried to bring music into their lounges? Last good music bar French Cafe, has gone. We miss it.

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