Anyone else get this email? If so, how annoyed are you that your Maryland drivers license that you have had for years wont be “real” soon?…and that the Maryland Department of Transportation is threatening you with “Failure to respond may result in further action against your Driver’s license or Identification Card” in their first and only outreach with this issue at this point.

Here is additional information noted in the email:

Now I understand this is a federal requirement…but dang…could we not have found a better way to do this without threatening people that “further action against our driver’s license or ID card” would happen.

Here is the link for those that may need it:


I went here to verify the information was correct:…and yep…it is…with the same threat against my ID:

I am very curious how many people will get messed up by this new law here in Maryland…and if the Governor decides a nicer approach to the issue will be best going forward…or will he decide that one of his departments threatening “further action against our driver’s license” is the right approach going forward. Stay tuned…as I get more notifications…I will be sure to share them here.

Learn more about The Real ID Act here:

Scott E


  1. Personally not a big deal to me. (I have easy access to the requested docs.). And they are giving you SIX months advance notice. Yes wording may be less than ideal but I am used to that from government agencies. Bigger issue is we are required to take these steps because of MD policy that allowed illegal aliens (er, undocumented citizens) to get drivers licenses. Else our licenses will longer be valid as Federal ID for things like air travel.

    so our licenses can be used as Federal ID when boarding airplanes etc.

    • I don’t disagree with your comment…but the wording was bad…especially with the undefined threat against our drivers licenses on the first and only outreach at this point on this issue.

  2. Agree with Linda, it makes more sense if the deadline is based on expiration date. Since our democracy is based on voters. I would rather see strict rules on issuing identification card like drivers license. In fact, I would like to see the polling station check my ID before I can cast my vote. ( I actually offered them, but they said it was not necessary which made me a little uncomfortable realizing there could be many ways to compromising the system, especially by mail in ballot).

    If you do not have to be a citizen in order to vote, then what is the big fuss about the Russian collusion. American life need to be decided by American people. Rare situation, I am begging ‘ check my ID, please,’

  3. Personally support stricter ID laws since our democracy is based on our voting system. I offered mine at the polling station, and was told it is not necessary which made me a little uncomfortable since there could be so many ways things could go wrong in the whole process.

  4. This is a real pain in the ass. I had my MD license renewed in 2017 and it’s not set to expire until 2025. MD issued me a REAL ID compliant license with the star on it with my 2017 renewal. However, since then, the MVA discovered they failed to scan my documents at the time of renewal so that is why I have to come in again. It really pisses me off that someone screwed this up at the last renewal and I have to go through this MVA hell all over again.

    @scotte: I asked the MVA what happens if someone misses the June 12 deadline and the response was, “Failure to comply with submission of Real ID documents will result in the cancellation of your Maryland driver’s license or identification card.”

  5. I just put in the info at the MVA website. The message I got was that I needed to bring in additional documentation but the threatening part was not there. I renewed via mail in late 2017 and my license looks just like the Real ID ones (with the star and everything).

    The real pain is that most of us have had to bring documentation already. First got license, brought birth certificate for age verification. Got married, brought in marriage certificate to change the name. Moved, brought in 2 pieces of mail. So, most of us have already brought in this documentation. The MVA just didn’t keep a digital copy of it.

    I had a friend go to Social Security with her license to get a new card (for the MVA) because her old one was “too raged” for the MVA to take. She then brought the new SS card, that she’d gotten with her current license, to the MVA. It’s ridiculous.

    None of this makes us safer. It just gives a false appearance of safety. Criminals already know how to do a work around, I’m sure. The rest of us law-abiding citizens just run around in circles getting documentation that has already been presented.

  6. I don’t understand why they will take further action against the card. Still good as a driver’s license. Just will not be able to be used for airlines or access to federal buildings.

  7. Has anyone thought about all these docs available to a hacker…they now have your SS,your birth cert,your credit card,your address.They can tell you its secure but who will have to deal with the problem when it happens…YOU!

  8. I paid for my Real ID driver’s license, and I renewed with my old driver’s license. Why should any of us who provided the documents before to get our license have to do it again? I’m also NOT going tovosy for it AGAIN.

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